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Introduction and Goals

As I understand it, research in the field of Greek Classics was revolutionizeda decade or so ago when the entire classical Greek corpus became availableon CD-Rom. Suddenly projects that would have consumed weeks or months oftedious work could be accomplished in minutes or hours. Speed was no guaranteeof quality, of course, but there seems little doubt that the ability toconduct computerized searches of important texts was a great boon to thefield.

Chinese studies is poised on the verge of a similar revolution. A fewclassical-era philosophical texts have been available for one or two years,but progress in putting more texts on-line has been slow. With recent improvementsin Chinese optical character recognition (OCR) technology, though, and withthe possibility of many people working together over the Internet, the timefor rapid movement towards digitizing the Chinese philosophical and literarycorpus has arrived.

We hope to contribute to this progress primarilyby producing Etexts.

If electronic resources are going to be prepared and made available ina decentralized fashion by people around the world, some coordination willbe necessary. We would be happy to share information with anyone interestedon subjects like:


Ultimately, it's the texts that matter, of course; and we've got texts for you, both those we've prepared ourselves and relevant ones originally entered by others. They can all be accessed at the Wesleyan Chinese Philosophical Text Archive. Enjoy!

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