The Chinese Human Rights Reader:

Alternative Thematic Table of Contents

There are a large number of themes that can be traced through the texts in this reader. To facilitate a thematic reading, we offer here a selection of themes and indications of relevant texts. This list should not be seen as exclusive, either in terms of themes or texts related to a given theme. (The main Table of Contents for the Reader is located here.)

The themes covered below are:

Theme I. Chinese Culture and Human Rights

Theme II. Freedom of Speech

Theme III. Economic Rights (Including the Right to Subsistence)

Theme IV. Concrete Human Rights Violations

Theme V. Constitutional and Legal Rights

Theme VI. Individual and Collective Rights

Theme VII. Foreign Influences

Theme VIII. China and International Human Rights Work

Theme IX. Sun Yatsen's Ideas and Their Interpretation

Theme X. Chinese Marxism and Human Rights

Theme XI. Official Chinese Communist Party Statements

Theme XII. Dissidents in the PRC

Theme XIII. Asian Values

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