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Our goal here is to collect texts, not included in the Reader, which further contribute to the Reader's goal, namely to make available primary texts on human rights discourse and human rights situations in and related to China. Some of these are texts we have translated; others are available in English on the internet.

There are several sources of texts on China and human rights available in Chinese, some of which contain texts that we have translated. These include:

We have begun collecting recent academic writing in Chinese on human rights, to the extent possible. Links to materials available on the web are given below.

Here are several PRC governmental white papers on human rights, excerpts of the first of which are included in the Reader. For more materials from the PRC, see the Government Documents section of this website.

Mab Huang, a member of the TAHR and the author of one text translated in the Reader, also gave a speech (in English) at the conference on the background to the National Human Rights Commission idea.

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