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This page is devoted to the academic study of human rights and China, with a particular focus on materials that are available on the internet. Students should always remember that many of the highest quality resources are not available on the internet, so this should only serve as a beginning or supplement to any research. For some suggestions of both conventional print resources and on-line articles, see the Bibliography page.

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Upcoming conferences that relate to China and Human Rights will be listed here; we will also endeavor to keep track of any results of past conferences that are made available.

Courses on China and Human Rights

Here we list selected courses and/or syllabi taught by human rights scholars at various universities. The courses may or may not be currently offered, and none of them offer distance-learning options. Numerous other syllabi of human rights-related courses are collected here, here, and here.

University Human Rights Centers and Websites of Researchers on Human Rights

Important Journals

Some of these journals will only be available to those whose institutions subscribe to the needed on-line service. If you do not have such access, you can still find these journals in your library.

General Information on Human Rights Education

For web sites with useful information about how to teach human rights and different materials, see the following:

There also exist several good compilations and overviews of human rights resources on the web:

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