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This page curently allows you to perform two different kinds of searches:

(1) search the entire Chinese Human Rights Web (CHRW) site, and

(2) search the CHRW and all sites linked from the CHRW.

In other words, this second kind of search is a meta-search of a huge number of websites, and is consequently very powerful. It is also likely to return very many "hits," so you may often find that searching the CHRW only is a good first step.

To use either search type, simply type the words you want to search for into one of the boxes below.

Local Search:

The "Google Search" button performs a standard search; the "I"m Feeling Lucky" button takes you directly to the page that best fits your search criteria.

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Meta Search:

After performing an initial search it is possible to access more advanced options (restricting by date, etc.) from the results page. Please note that results with a low degree of relevance (under 20%) may well have nothing to do with your desired subject: ours is a very permissive search engine!

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