Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive--Pre-Qin Texts

Classical Confucian Texts

These texts have been entered by others. I have made some formatting improvements, such as adding more comprehensive section numbering and adding heading tags to chapters and sections.

Analects ( 論語 )

Entered by John Jenkins

Great Learning ( 大學 )

Entered by John Jenkins

Mencius ( 孟子 )

Entered by John Jenkins

Doctrine of the Mean ( 中庸 )

Entered by John Jenkins

Xunzi ( 荀子 )

Selected Chapters (1-10, 17, 21-23)

Entered by Chris Fraser and Dan Robins


Other Pre-Qin Texts

These texts have been entered by Chris Fraser and Dan Robins when they were graduate students at the University of Hong Kong. I may find time to collect the other pre-Qin texts available on the net here, but until I do, versions of the Laozi, the Zhuangzi, and a few others are available at www.cnd.org.

Mozi ( 墨子 )

Guanzi Nei Ye ( 內業 )


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