Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive--Late Qing and Republic Texts

Tan Sitong (1865-1898)

Confucian-Inspired Texts?

One of my main research interests is the relation between the Confucian tradition and Western philosophical ideas in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century Chinese philosophical discourse. The following texts, prepared by the Confucian Etext Project unless indicated otherwise, are crucial to any such research.

Tan Sitong ( 譚嗣同 )

Liang Qichao ( 梁啟超 )

  • Xin Min Shuo ( 新民說 ) [view as HTML]
    • Note: A revised edition, first posted 11/30/98, proofread and edited by Max Huang and Wu Shu-ling of the Academia Sinica.

The following texts were prepared by Kyoto University's Human Sciences Research Institute. They are the results of an automatic conversion from JIS to Big-5, and the editor also notes that the proof-reading process is not yet complete. Still, if used with care they may be helpful. I will update these texts if and when better versions become available.

Chen Duxiu ( 陳獨秀 )

  • From Anhui Suhua Bao ( 安徽俗話報 )


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